Rebellion, Bloodshed and Contrast: Failure of a Generation in Judges

Sometimes, you just stumble upon the nuggets of wisdom and truth, and you instantaneously know they must be shared.

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Obscure ancient Middle Eastern history and culture coalesce in uncomfortable heights of bloodshed, irony, dejection interspersed with a rare glimpse of selfless realignment. This is Judges, the Old Testament book of great contrast. The narrative of a divine King calling his wayward people to a better life.

Only the ignorant or calloused soul would refuse the notion that these stories, these people have something poignant to share for a modern-day reader to glean, some sort of challenge to engage. Stories of old have the tendency to weasel their way into the present.

Considerations from Judges 1

  1. Judges are leaders, prophets, rescuers, warriors, redeemers, and instigators. They call people back to God and His ways.
  2. Sin and redemption begs the question of lordship; what do I surrender to God?
  3. How do we deal with sin, personally and communally?
  4. God called the people of Israel to leave…
What things stand out in the first couple chapters of Judges? What are the central ideas?

3 responses to “Rebellion, Bloodshed and Contrast: Failure of a Generation in Judges

    • Couldn’t you also use the sword to cut the losses? To cut off whatever is keeping you back?
      Or just deal with the loss of a blade in large body mass? Haha.
      Thanks for reading, Kati.

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