Rebellion, Bloodshed and Contrast: The People’s Choice in Judges

Much of the insight gleaned from Scripture can be difficult and messy. Often, the circumstances and context of the writings require avid study for most accurate and holistic understanding of the author’s intent. The book of Judges is no different.

It’s also worthy to note that one of the best things about the Old and New Testaments is that they’re part of the whole of God’s narrative. The way God reveals truth is through the medium of story.

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In communicating to humans through story, the truths to be revealed carry more weight than rigid lists or how-to instructions. Truth comes alive through story. Ideas speak not only to the mind, but also to the heart. Sometimes we can be too defensive or apathetic to be affected by bullet points. But the element of story invites us into something bigger, a better context, a meaningful and engaging mission.

Judges is ripe with insights in the plethora of stories, although the stories are tangled, messy, and often very dark. But in the darkness, truth is the light brilliantly contrasted against the emptiness.

Here are a few ideas on the frustrating and ugly stories of Judges 9-10…

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What choices or people have effected you in a way you didn’t expect? What things or situations make you question your identity?


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