Rebellion, Bloodshed and Contrast: Samson’s Burden in Judges

Perhaps one of the most conflicted and repetitively foolish characters throughout Scripture is Samson. Destined for greatness as a judge and leader of Israel, he sorely disappointed and even deterred the nation from restoration they needed.

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Here’s the first part of Samson’s life, a cocktail of well-intentioned parents and pushing the envelope…

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image credit: Jim Lepage


You often know the kind of life God is calling you to live, but what causes you to compromise?


Read more from the series:

Judges 1-2: Failure of a Generation.

Judges 3: Into the Fat King’s Lair.

Judges 4-5: Women Save the Day.

Judges 6-8: The Epic of Gideon.

Judges 9-10: The People’s Choice.

Judges 11-12: Foolish Promises.

Judges 15-16: Samson’s Passion.

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