Impulsive Decisions Reverberate, For Better or For Much Better

I made an impulsive decision.

Within a matter of hours, a plan was hatched from inception (no, not that Inception) to action.

Lifelong friend Brian says he’s four hours north of me near Salem, Oregon drumming for a CentriFuge camp with his group from vibrant, Gospel-driven Resonate Church in Pullman, Washington. John says, “I don’t work for two days.” Brian says, “come hither.” John says, “ok.”

I was anticipating a reimbursement of appreciation as I recalled former valuable experiences with student camps immersed in missional Gospel teaching. Such things will likely always carry a significant joyful weight for me.

How refreshing to get out of town for just forty some hours, weave through the Cascades on the 5, using the time to listen to sermon podcasts, heavy hardcore, and catching up with a friend on the literal opposite end of the country.

A brilliant two days meeting a handful college students and graduates on the Resonate team, who have beautiful stories of unexpected connection and transformation in the community of Resonate amidst the streets and apartments and cafes of Pullman.

Enabling and energizing music, singing from the back of the room with hundreds of teenagers telling God that he is their victory and he is here, declaring the depth of his love though undeserved.

Gospel-drenched preaching, precise like a laser while encompassing the whole narrative of Scripture, because God’s love is revealed to us in a sent Son from a pursuing Father who decided that to give life is far better than not.

I saw God on the ultimate frisbee and soccer fields, in water and messy games alike; basketball and battle ball induced “worship juice” to the glory of the Lord. Albeit merely a glimpse, I saw high school students step further toward the kingdom of God, asking him if he really promised Jesus would take them in and forever be with them. I saw the Spirit, ever so slightly, quietly calling some away from the halls of religion into the fields of freedom on a journey with a living Saviour.

And it was a sight to behold.


You should meet my friends. Consider their thoughts. Journey with them via technology until you meet them face to face:

Brian tweets here & displays here.

Josh tweets here & blogs here.

Gary tweets here & blogs here.

Sam tweets here & blogs here.

Resonate Church tweets here & connects here.


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