Horizons, Faith, Risk & Reward

Faith is the confidence of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Faith has never been a destination; it’s the journey.  I’d venture (vernacular overlap slightly intended) to say that faith is never a journey of predictability or constant comfort or ease.  Real faith propels one to more dangerous situations, new and unfamiliar environments, but in a natural way.  It’s almost like a step of faith, though illogical and foolish to others, becomes the most obvious, sensible, organic fit.  A step of faith becomes the most necessary next step to take.

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Do I take calculated risks?  Do I pursue new opportunities?  Do I burst through doors that are only slightly cracked open, taking it as a sign, of sorts, to boldly move forward?

I am becoming more confident that this stage of my life is about faith.  Expanding the width and the depth of my vision, focusing less and less on surface level appearance or face value of choices, and focusing more and more on reasons behind things, purposes within situations, possibilities on the horizon.  I am being given inklings to strain my eyes to look a little further, dream a little bigger, give a little more, take a little less.

I never used to think about God as a storyteller, an artist or an adventurer.  But now I can’t help but bring everything else I learn or muse over into alignment with this.  Throughout ancient history, the dawn of the kingdom of God via the Church, and amidst the daily choices made available to the faith community with which some of us identify.  I pray we choose wisely.  I pray we choose riskily.  Not for the sake of being risky or dangerous or foolish, but asserting godly and biblical wisdom, in accordance with the helpful checks and balances of spiritual leadership present in our lives.  Risking things and self for the advance of thekingdom ofGod. Risking much to gain much heavenly reward – sometimes reward even manifest during our earth-bound leg of the journey.

Risk and reward.

I think this is a primary way Jesus grows our faithfulness to him and our trust in his character.  As we journey on an adventure he calls us to, our intimacy and confidence in him strengthen.  As we look back and remember the places we’ve been, the people we’ve connected with, the situations we’ve endured, we realize Jesus hasn’t abandoned us, but has continued with us.

He promises to be near to us.  And he keeps his promises.

It seems like a person who doesn’t take risks fails to attain the full potential of a life he may live.  Without risks, he stays the same.  If he doesn’t change, he’s not advancing in any direction. I wonder if one is really alive if he’s neither moving forward nor backward.  Lukewarm sounds just terrible.

Risks make for a better story.  Adventures grow faith.

What a beautiful horizon.


2 responses to “Horizons, Faith, Risk & Reward

  1. You could definitely say that. The past year of life transitions and opportunities has greatly aided in stretching my faith and opening my eyes a little wider to how God orchestrates, provides, and calls us to adventure alongside him.

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