Coffee Beans, Pitchforks & Scooters in the Palouse

Coffee beans are many small parts to the whole, individual and fluid in relation to one another, but each a valuable piece nonetheless. Their purpose to be crushed together, endure heat and pain together, to percolate together and emerge a better product because of the process through which their connection became a more perfect thing.


The past three days have been a brief immersion into the world of intentional community, celebration, and experiencing God with Resonate Church on the campus of Washington State University in Pullman and the University of Idaho in Moscow. My friends Brian Kalwat and Josh Martin are on the leadership team for Resonate.  Coffee beans, pitchforks and scooters, among other items, were part of one short conversation among staff and consultants in pursuit of knowing Jesus more fully and listening to his heart for students and citizens of the region. How can an individual item shed light on different ways God is at work? How can we more accurately encourage each other in challenging, creative, and meaningful ways?  Is it possible that through a potentially awkward and random exercise in thought and meditation we can be better equipped to serve and love and discern the heart of Jesus for those around us?


Something beautiful has been brewing and continues to emit scents of grace and hope and transformation among the leadership and the people of Resonate. Lives are inthe process of intentional community, challenged to think deeper than before, empowered to endure situations and seasons with the much more elusive attitude of joy.  Future and even current influencers, leaders, hard workers, self-starters, visionaries, servants are in preparation and culmination of one life chapter, anticipating next steps and deeper immersion into what each sees through the haze of uncertainty.


Eyes are opening.  Hearts are changing.  It’s as if there is another sort of awakening.
…Like a rising sun that shines
From the darkness comes a light
I hear your voice and this is my awakening…

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