Live A Better Story: Part 1

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Close your eyes. Imagine a blank page. Nothing set, nothing planned, no limitations but the edge of the paper. You can choose any words, reject others. You determine what happens with that in and that paper. But it can’t remain blank. Something must be written. The question, then, is what.

You can’t rewrite the previous pages, you can’t decide on the future pages, but you can impact the one page set before you. Your characteristics, your context, the people around you, your use of time, what you pursue, things you reject, relationships you cultivate, places you go. The one thing you cannot change is that you are meant to fill that page with something. You are meant to give form to what was once void. You were created to connect to a purpose. You exist to experience movement. You were born to grow and progress forward.

You are meant to live a better story.

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