Live A Better Story: Part 2

Tonight, my young adult Bible study Solid is finishing a six week series called Live A Better Story, in which we’ve explored the idea that if there are certain aspects of people, situations, conflicts, and achievements that make for a good story, maybe those things could reveal a more meaningful and compelling life.  Some of these thoughts have been inspired by Don Miller’s fantastic hybrid memoir (built on reminiscing of life experiences, and projecting vision into the future of life’s adventures), A Million Miles In A Thousand Years.  We considered this to be a worthwhile series to explore because especially among young adults, a purposeful life is desired, but ways in which to attain to such a life is not always understood.  My understanding of Jesus is that we’re made to live as characters within his story, pointing to him as the hero of the story, as he leads us on a path of abundant life, pregnant with joy and passion and productivity with him.


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Some of the main themes we focused on are as follows:

  • What is a story?
  • What makes a story good?
  • How do you live a better story?
  • God is an author.
  • Building a better cast (wisely choosing people to share life with).
  • Engaging in your context (using every opportunity in your current location).
  • Rejecting a life of risk is neglecting a faith-filled life.
  • Lives, like stories, are built with a purpose.
  • Finishing well (living in such a way that the final chapter is a grand culmination of the story, rather than dissipating it).

At minimum, through this series, conversations have been sparked and ideas birthed in the minds of those who seek a more meaningful existence.  Here’s hoping the inspiration of such conversations continues long after, driving us to further adventures in life with Jesus.


More thoughts on Live A Better Story.


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