Sharing Vision

This week I’m traveling out of state for some meetings and a conference. More on both later. But the conversations I’ve had in the last twenty-four hours remind me of something vital for a successful partnership.

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I do work a couple times a year with a missions project called PowerPlant, which engages students in church planting. This year, I’m partnered with church plants in the Denver/Loveland/Fort Collins area of Colorado. I’m meeting with group leaders from across the nation who will bring students to serve in these communities. My ministry partner, John Howeth, is coordinating the church planters and ministry sites at which the students will serve.

This week’s meetings are for the purpose of preparation before the actual project week this summer. As we toured parts of these cities, enjoyed local coffee and “mountain pies” and buffalo burgers, we heard from the local church planters who have a vision of the kingdom of God networking through their neighborhoods and city streets.

While they cast vision for what they want to accomplish with their church plants, here are some aspects I though of.

Sharing Vision

Sharing vision is about making your internal values accessible for others to understand.

Sharing vision is about making values accessible for others to join you in actions.

Sharing vision is about painting an accurate, compelling portrait of how your hopes can become reality.

Sharing vision is about telling stories.

Sharing vision is about visiting places where monumental things happened, or where you dream monumental things could happen.

Sharing vision is not face to face; it’s side by side, looking down the same path together.

Sharing vision is about stepping into the shoes of another, walking the streets with another.

Sharing vision is about providing an on-ramp to the highway of something others can buy into and take ownership of.

Sharing vision is about setting aside personal agendas for the sake of something bigger at stake.


How do you share vision?



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