From the Journal: Hang On

Artists often cite the desire to write music to influence people positively. The trajectory of my own songwriting has tapped this vein often, though the last few years of writing has included less hype and more authenticity.

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“Hang On” emerged from personal experience wrestling depression and meaninglessness. The lyrics were originally written as an intimate acoustic folk ballad, but a few years later the bridge was pulled from another song idea to complete the structure of “Hang On.” The subject matter of the bridge served as a juxtaposition, an admission of failure contrasted against the exhortation of the chorus and verses.

Together as a studio recording band, Telephonic took the folky acoustic track and reforged it in a whirl of tap-tempo delay guitar melodies, auto-tuned vocals, dancey electro-beats and hand claps. The music remains minor enough to convey the darkness of the subject matter, but bursts into a major root with the chorus.

The song even won first place for Music Production for the 2010 Intercollegiate Awards of National Religious Broadcasters.

[Click here to download “Hang On” for free.]

Kneel in prayer beside your bed
Every night feels the same
Like no one’s listening
But God in heaven hears your cry
He can bring you through this
He can bring you out alive
Hang on, hang on, hang on
You can make it if you try, you can make it out alive
Hang on, hang on, hang on
He can bring you right through this, just believe you can survive
Now the battle’s every day
Fighting down your demons
Keeping back the ones that never cease to say,
“You are worthless, no one cares”
But they know full well that He is strong enough for you
They even tremble at His name
Now I’m struggling to breathe and
I can’t stop feeling this feeling anymore
As my breath begins to slow
Soon my blood will cease to flow anymore
Hook me up to the machine
See my heart beat on the screen
As my last moments fade away
Now my breath and pulse are gone
This has gone fatally wrong
And I’ve left this captive place
Hang on, hang on, hang on
You can make it if you try, you can make it out alive
Hang on, hang on, hang on
He can bring you right through this, just believe you can survive


In what music or other arts do you find contrast of positivity and darkness?


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2 responses to “From the Journal: Hang On

  1. I think all art, including art as music, provides this contrast. As an artist, I believe you have to be in tune with the dark side of things. Then the light side will become more meaningful.

    Mark Blasini

    • Thanks for sharing, Mark.
      That seems like a holistic approach. Truth is one of the greatest attributes of good art, and truth always seems to include both darkness and light.

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