From the Journal: Look

For many ages past have poets and philosophers written of love’s elusive wit. It infiltrates one’s psyche, messes with the mind, tears away inhibitions, and incites drastic action at the behest of the beloved. “All’s fair in love and war,” they say.

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Brice was the most romantic fellow in the band. It’s not that the rest of us didn’t care for it, or that we weren’t smitten by women in our time. Brice was just more vocal about it, and readily admitted his affinity for honest songwriting about love. Most of his music before writing with Telephonic was rooted in lovestruck ballads, usually pertaining to his experiences in the game of romance.

We’ve all experienced love lost to some degree. Thus, to have a love ballad on the album we were writing just made sense. It’s something that people identify with.


Brice’s primary concerns in songwriting were good melody, lyrics that fit the music spatially, and unique song structure. This provided a juxtaposition to my songwriting approach, which is more focused on the substance of the lyrical content before making the lyrics pop with melody.

With “Look,” we found that Brice combined his authentic love storytelling and a little unconventional song structure with a bit of a cliffhanger conclusion. My favorite lyrics in this song, which happen to the the title of the whole album: “I just wanted you to know that I’m on the deep end of hope.” This gives a glimmer of potential that the song’s protagonist is moving past the dramatics of love, toward something deeper.

[Click here to download “Look” for free.]

Looks like another night alone
As I wait, my hand is on my phone
You would call me if you cared
Pick it up but your not there
So I talk
But you’re not there to tell me that you love me
Then throw it all away
For reasons out of our control
I just wanted you to know that it
Looks like another night at home
These weeks go by so slowly
Your heart it changed so coldly
Looks like another night alone
And this time, I’m waiting by my phone
But not for you, it’s someone new
But I’m not happy like I should be
Cause if it’s not you, its not enough for me
I never thought I had the choice
In tragedy I hear your voice as
Another night at home
Turns into something moving
This heartache you’ve been using
But look out here comes another night at home,
The years go by so slowly
Until you barely know me
I don’t want to miss you
Constantly I reminisce you
And remember when I kissed you
Feels like so long ago
I’m breathless; I’m seeing you today
I’ll make or break this, with what I have to say
And I just wanted you to know
That I’m on the deep end of hope


What are your favorite love ballads?


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2 responses to “From the Journal: Look

  1. John, I had no idea that you knew me so well! I mean that partially in a comical bro-mance type of way, but also cause you really described me well as far as my focuses in writing music and how i express emotions. It brought me right back to when we worked on the album. Maybe this will be the inspiration I need to start really writing again, or you could just come back here and we could tag team it again.

    • Brice,
      Of course I remember your focus! We negotiated a lot of details in the songwriting, but for the best results. It was a wild 200 hours working on that album, but time well spent.
      I’d love to hear any new material you have. I still make trips back to Minnesota, but I won’t die in Roseville!
      Thanks for reading and sharing.

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