Plan B & Facing Unexpected Changes in Life

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One of the many reasons I love books is because they can more eloquently say things that I may already think about. Books take a subject I have a brief, shallow opinion on, and expound on that topic to a degree that I could never have known it. So even if I think I understand something, I still challenge myself to read books about that something in an effort to form a more well-rounded intellect.

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I recently read a book called “Plan B: What Do You Do When God Doesn’t Show Up the Way You Thought He Would?” by Pete Wilson. Pete is the lead pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee. “Plan B” is about facing the unexpected changes in life with grace and courage. I’ve considered this principle through other books, Scripture, and conversations with other people. What I like about Pete’s writing on the matter is his inclusion of a plethora of personal stories from his life and the lives of the community around him.

Here are some concepts that I especially appreciated from “Plan B“:

Highlights from “Plan B”

  • “Constant contact with the Creator is essential for transformation living.”
  • “Here’s something else we often misunderstand about God’s will: it’s as much about the person we’re becoming as it is about where we’re going.
  • “In this life, many of your questions will simply not have answers. But through it all, God Himself will never change. That is why our faith must rest on His identity and not necessarily His activity.”
  • “Not having our dreams and desires fulfilled leaves us hungry, and when we’re hungry we’re tempted to fill that hunger with something that isn’t good for us.”
  • “What if we viewed our hardships and challenges as opportunities to be the men or women God has created us to be? What would happen if we stopped grabbing for what we’re owed and tried to receive each moment with gratitude?”
  • “We can’t really experience or appreciate real community until we dare to be authentic.”
  • “It’s almost impossible to receive love and support if we can’t even admit that we need it.”
  • Saint Augustine said, ‘There are two things that kill the soul: despair and false hope.’ With that in mind we must be very careful when it comes to hope.”
  • “There is an undeniable relationship between crisis and hope. Between waiting hopefully and being transformed. Between Plan B and the glory of God.”
  • “When your giftedness outweighs your character, implosion is always on the horizon” (a quote from Justin Davis).


What “Plan B” have you experienced in your life? If you’ve read this book, what parts stood out to you?


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