From the Journal: Ink & Paper

If there’s a subject written about more than love, it’s heartbreak.  The graveyard of past relationships is the hotbed for songwriting material.

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Most of the songs I have written are a concoction of reality and fiction. Writing lyrics is a strange conundrum of a person writing for himself, but with a whole audience eavesdropping on his personal expressions. Sometimes more fictionalization is needed to make the story more vibrant or relevant to listeners, but the roots are in real experiences.

Ink & Paper

As co-songwriter Brice had, I’d experienced the highs and lows of relationships, so it only made sense to include his creation, “Look,” along with my “Ink & Paper” on the album.

This song is one of my favorites we recorded, because of the juxtaposition between pop-punk influenced upbeat melodies against the self-doubting introspection of the narrator. The second verse and chorus contain some lines I was thrilled to stumble upon in the writing process. Plus, this is the only song on “The Deep End of Hope” for which I recorded the bass guitar. I also liked Dan’s energetic downbeat and Brian‘s ripping synth from the very beginning.

Take a look at the lyrics and tell me what you think of “Ink & Paper“:

[Click here to download “Ink & Paper” for free.]

My journal entries are growing longer by the day now
I’m losing paper and sanity with this ink I spill
And I’m running out of pens to record the
Ancient history of my failures, too many to count
It’s getting colder, my body’s devoid of emotion and energy
From chasing wisdom and resolution we desperately need
Reconciliation comes with a price to pay
I know we don’t deserve each other, so let’s take a chance at grace
These are the words that I will write to you
But you will never read these heartfelt syllables
I’m coming clean with who I think I am
This is a journal of my hopes and fears with all sincerity
Compose a symphony of honesty, let’s face reality
I’ll drive until the highway turns around and takes me back to you
But just one thing, please don’t lose the key or leave me here to bleed


What has heartbreak compelled you to write or say or do?


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