11 Reasons Why I Loved “The Dark Knight Rises”

*Disclaimer: I wrote this years ago, and a lot of my perspectives have changed—so don’t take this too seriously. If you want to know how thinking about these topics can evolve, feel free to get in touch.*

image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

One of my favorite film trilogies is Christopher Nolan’s interpretation of the Batman story. “Batman Begins,” “The Dark Knight,” and the new “The Dark Knight Rises” tell a compelling tale with such quality production.

People who know me realize that I have rather high expectations for film because of the great power films have in telling stories. I recently attended the midnight premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises,” the final installment in Nolan’s telling of Batman saga. Here’s what I thought:

11 Things I Love About “The Dark Knight Rises”

  1. The new Batman trilogy does an amazing job of begging the questions of justice, morality, and greater good.
  2. The film avoids a cliche superhero beginning; it starts with a grieving, ashamed protagonist who can’t let go of the failures of his past. It maintains a very human element of the story that viewers can connect with.
  3. Bane is a foreboding villain with a beastly body, foundational understanding of the human psyche, and a dark backstory.
  4. The Bat, the EMP gun, and more Tumblers. Enough said (I’m still a young, nerdy child at heart).
  5. The Batman story is so compelling when brought to life with great actors, solid writing, and constant escalation of what’s at stake.
  6. Hans Zimmer provides another perfect score for the film. I’ve listened to these soundtracks on repeat for the past week.
  7. It reflects the gravity of human depravity: our proclivity to take, to seize power, to control the world around us, despite what it does to other people.
  8. The story speaks of second chances, forgiveness, and trust.
  9. It introduces four new major characters, but develops each of them and their backstories very well.
  10. “The Dark Knight Rises” forecasts what our society would look like without order, accountability, or true freedom.
  11. It contrasts great darkness against greater hope.


What did you like about “The Dark Knight Rises”?


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2 responses to “11 Reasons Why I Loved “The Dark Knight Rises”

  1. I like the way the Gotham PD (although somewhat corrupt in other movies) is honored for their concerted, rebellious, sacrificial efforts to retake the city. Similarly, this installment brings out the “double” ultimate sacrifice that Batman paid: Becoming a scapegoat to further the cause of justice, then becoming the sacrifice to save the city from nuclear destruction. Sadly, the scapegoat lie caught up with him and taking the story to the next level, the sacrifice lie will also catch up to him…

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