Quotes on Leadership

Leadership is one of the most vital components of the world in which we live. Whether for good or for worse, the way people lead inevitably influences others, like the trickle-down effect. Even people who don’t consider themselves leaders carry a great amount of influence by the way they interact with people around them.

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The Global Leadership Summit

Tomorrow and Friday (August 9-10), I’m attending the Global Leadership Summit simulcast at a local host site in Medford, Oregon. The GLS is a leadership conference started by Bill Hybels and the Willow Creek Association, and annually features world-class leaders giving top-notch leadership principles for leaders in business, church, organizations, and communities — or people who aren’t necessarily leading anything at all.

I’m the event Photographer at the GLS Thursday and Friday, and I’ve been acting as Assistant Promotional Strategist, working on Social Media Strategy over the past few months. I’ll be tweeting and Instagramming (both @johnweirick) during the conference.

Gleaning Leadership Principles

The GLS reminds me of another leadership conference I’ve attended. One of the most creative, high production value, inspiring environments I’ve been in was the Catalyst Conference. Catalyst featured dozens of leading figures in organizations, business, arts, and the church. I’m always motivated to be a better leader and serve people more effectively when I hear ideas communicated concisely and powerfully.

Here are some quotes on leadership that I’ve found inspiring. As you can see, Twitter is a great forum for sharing concise leadership principles. Follow some of these leaders to gain more insight (and follow me while you’re at it: @johnweirick).

Quotes on Leadership

  • “Leadership is evoking in others the capacity to dream.” – @JohnCMaxwell via @wcagls
  • “What my intern told me during evaluation, ‘Ambiguity leads to anxiety, leads to avoidance, leads to apathy.’ Leaders, clarity gives life.” – @joshmartinmusic
  • “Leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they come to see it in themselves.” – Stephen Covey via @tonymccollum
  • “Distinctive areas: difference between information and transformation, difference between teaching lessons and teaching people.” – @wincalvert
  • “Men, you’re either a good leader or a bad leader, there’s not an option for non-leader.” – @joshmartinmusic
  • “Conflict won’t ruin your relationships. Not knowing how to work through conflict is what will ruin your relationships.” – @pwilson
  • “The world is led by those who were prepared when their moment came.” – @donaldmiller
  • “Leaders challenge for the sake of what could and should be. That is the job of the leader.” – Andy Stanley via @JohnHoweth
  • “Courage is the catalyst for leadership.” – @AndyStanley
  • “Leaders understand the unique roles of confidence and caution. Courage requires both.” – Andy Stanley
  • “Adaptive leaders ask hard questions, knock people out of their comfort zones, and then manage the resulting holy distress…” – @alanhirsch
  • “Leadership instinct is the discernment to know when to stay up above it & when to get down in it.” – @stevenfurtick
  • “You gotta coach every player as if he were marrying your daughter.” – Coach Eddie Robinson via @alanhirsch
  • “The leader is a servant who removes obstacles that prevent people from doing their jobs.” – Max Depree via @darrinpatrick
  • “The people’s capacity to achieve is determined by their leader’s ability to empower.” – John Maxwell


What are your favorite quotes on leadership?



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