Global Leadership Summit 2012 | Day One

While I’m photographing the Global Leadership Summit 2012 conference, for which my church is a simulcast host site, I’ve been able to listen in and take some notes. Actually, if you’re following me on Twitter, you’ll notice that I’ live tweeting the event. There are loads of great ideas shared by the solid lineup of speakers. Here are my favorite tidbits from Day One of the Summit.

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First of all, a few of my reactions and a conversation I had:

  • “A new day reset. What will you do with it?” Killer intro video. Poetic, energetic, gently shaking us from sleepiness of apathy.
  • “I think I just got saved.” I tweeted @KOlusola after his live cello beatboxing feat. Absolutely astounding.
  • “There’s a lot of grey hair here. We need more of you young people.” – #wcagls attendee to me

Speakers at The Global Leadership Summit – Day One

Bill Hybels

  • “We need to sow more seeds. We need to sow all different kinds of seeds.”
  • “One of the fundamental responsibilities of a leader is to stay curious.”
  • “A leader’s most valuable asset is their energy and ability to energize others.”
  • “You are the most difficult person you will ever lead.”
  • “God didn’t make you a leader to respond to things all day. God made you a leader to move stuff ahead.”

Condoleezza Rice

  • “If every life is worthy, every life is also capable of greatness.”
  • “The most important characteristic in a leader is irrepressible optimism.”
  • (From politics to foreign affairs to theology to personal development to social justice to education in minutes. Impressive.)
  • “Leadership is helping other people lead and develop their potential.”
  • “Today’s headlines and history’s judgment are rarely the same.”
  • “In education, it doesn’t matter where you came from; it matters where you’re going.”
  • Use friendships to be a truth teller. In confidence, with respect.
  • “I love policy. I don’t love politics.”
  • “There is a lot the government can do, but it cannot deliver compassion.”

Jim Collins

  • “The X-factor of great leadership is humility combined with will.”
  • “Every organization needs a 20-mile march to turn good intentions into great results.”
  • “Frozen ponies!” #contextisforweenies
  • Leadership: “It is the marriage of creativity and discipline…and discipline’s not the hard part.”
  • “Creativity is the human state. If you breathe, you have creativity.”
  • “Transform paranoia into preparation…so that you can be strong when people need you.”
  • “The greatest danger is to be successful without understanding why.”
  • “Life is people and time with people we love.”
  • “Good intentions are never an excuse for incompetence.”
  • “What would be lost if we disappeared? Who would miss us and why? That’s our distinctive impact.”
  • “An organization is not truly great if it cannot be great without you.”
  • To always be here for you; that is true friendship. Never to be alone.
  • “The signature of mediocrity is not unwillingness to change. The true signature of mediocrity is chronic inconsistency.”
  • “Greatness is not a product of circumstance. Greatness is a function of conscious choice and discipline.”
  • “I hope each one of you will connect with doing something great and enduring in your life.”
  • “It’s impossible to have a great life unless it’s a meaningful life.”

Marc Kielburger

  • “Somebody asked me a question. It was a defining question: ‘What type of legacy do you want to leave?’ We ask that question a lot later in life, but we need to start asking it to young people.”
  • “It is hard to sell hope.”
  • “Communication and alignment.”
  • “Show, not tell. Show how you’re going to change the world.”
  • “We are the generation that we’ve been waiting for.”

Sheryl Wudunn

  • The cause of our time now is gender inequity.”
  • “Those who are happy tend to live longer.”
  • “You and I have won the lottery of life. The question is, how are we going to discharge that fortune in life?”

Carly Fiorina

  • “I realize life is not measured in time, but in love and contribution.”

Craig Groeschel

  • “…And that’s how I got called into ministry.” #contextisforweenies
  • “Don’t resent, fear, or judge the next generation. Believe in them….They need you.”
  • “God values maturity.”
  • “If you’re not dead, you’re not done. Your best days are before you.”
  • “Don’t just delegate tasks; you will create followers. Delegate authority; you create leaders.”
  • “With the next generation, authenticity trumps cool every time.”
  • “If you’re a fat fifty-something, just say no to skinny jeans. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.”
  • “Respect is earned, but honor is given.”
  • Leadership: “If you want to learn to be over, you need to learn to be under with honor.”
  • “Create intentional opportunities to get feedback.”
  • “Create specific mentoring moments. If you’re not intentional, it won’t happen.”
  • Mentoring: “Don’t copy what they do. Learn how they think.”
  • “Put the next generation up on the stage. Believe in them.”
  • “I would give my life for the next generation. You are the most driven, mission-minded generation in recent history.”


What were your favorite quotes and speakers from Day One of The Global Leadership Summit?



2 responses to “Global Leadership Summit 2012 | Day One

  1. I saw a few of these quotes in my twitter feed yesterday at work. No time at that moment to go check them out, but cool to find out now where they were coming from.

    Good stuff. (skinny jeans comment might just be my favorite)

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