From the Journal: Diluvium

I just started a new journal the other day. There’s something to be said for the sense of closure after completing something. It’s not like I’m through with journaling, or I’ll never go back and look at the entries in the journal I just filled up. But at the close of a 400-page notebook, completing the final pen strokes at the end of a day, at the bottom of the very last page, there’s a feeling of closure. I think a good album also needs a sense of closure.

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Recording an eight-song album we’d written and produced over two hundred hours in the studio, we felt it appropriate to round out the tracklist with a strong closer. “Diluvium” was a song that we actually wrote and recorded the previous year (2008), so we took this opportunity to make slight revisions to improve the song’s production after re-recording all the vocals and instrumentation.


As Brice, Dan, Brian, Daniel, and I wrote music and lyrics for our album, “The Deep End of Hope,” we wanted to embrace the honesty of admitting life’s messiness. One of the themes that most strongly emerged in “Diluvium” was that of desperation. Most of us would admit there are personal seasons during which the world seems too messy, too hopeless for any good to be done. It’s difficult to make sense of evils and pain and confusion.

In this vein of weariness, but with a firm confidence in the power of God’s rescue, we wrote “Diluvium.” Although it’s musically the heaviest song on the album, it is not without hope shining through. It was especially satisfying to utilize dueling vocals between Brice and myself, which conveyed more urgency and the gravity of the song’s message. Though we may be “waiting for something to change” to see more hope in a dark world, it’s vital to remember that things get better in our own spheres of life when we each carry responsibility to affect change.

Here are the lyrics of the final song on the album:


[Click here to download “Diluvium” for free.]

Oh desperate world when will you come up for air
Cause we’re drowning, we’re drowning
Oh my God can You see the shipwrecks on the reef
Cause we’re drowning, we’re drowning, drowning
How did we fall so far, how did we lose our way
For so long we have been treading water just to keep our heads up
Above the surface of everything we’ve come to know
Now we’re sinking to the bottom of the ocean, and I can’t breathe
Slowly but surely the pressure’s building up on me
The world is crashing like the waves
And I am coming up for air, coming up for air
Depravity has cast its shadow over me and I could drown
If you asked me where I was a year ago I couldn’t tell
But I was sinking far from You
Oh desperate world when will you come up for air
Cause we’re drowning, we’re drowning
Oh my God can You see it
How did we fall so far
Sound the alarm, sound the alarm we’re going down
When did we lose our way, so long ago
I’m losing sleep, I can barely breathe
Drowning in my own tears
And I’m dying, just dying for some hope
Let the waves crash over me
We are waiting for something to change, to change
Maybe it’s us, maybe it’s us
We are waiting for something to change


What gives you hope? Where do you find closure?


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