Making Memories

I received a package on my front porch Saturday. My father told me something was coming my way, so I grew eager with anticipation before it arrived. It was more than a box of contents; it was a container of memories.

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As I unpacked the box’s contents, I was reminded of my childhood. Nostalgia is a strange but powerful thing. LEGOs reminded me of the hours every day I’d spend on the floor with a tub full of tiny bricks. A Lord of the Rings Risk Special Edition game reminded me of late nights with friends around the kitchen table, battling via dice and small soldiers. Model Star Wars spaceships reminded me of frequent sleepovers at my grade school best friend’s house, watching one of the original three films and reenacting scenes as our favorite characters.

Unpacking the Box

Unpacking the box was revisiting my childhood. I have much to be thankful for. Those things also remind me of what my priorities were. The toys were symbols of my obsessions and where my time was spent.

I think if I was sent a box in fifteen years, full of the things which I currently spend my time with, it would contain a computer, a few movies, Settlers of Catan, and a bunch of books. These things are well and good, but if they’re the only marks of priority in my life, I’ve got a problem.

Here’s my point: if I want to remember meaningful memories someday, I need to do meaningful things today.

Playing with toys as a child, or using films and books and the computer as hobbies is okay and everything, but our lives have got to measure up to more than that. Life is full of opportunity, but requires active participants. Many times, adventure must be sought before it can be had.

Memorable Scenes

One of my favorite authors says it this way:

“A good movie has memorable scenes, and so does a good life.”

 – Donald Miller

There are mountains to climb, people to love, and impacts to make. The only question is, what do you want to remember someday?


What meaningful memories do you want to create?



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