Disconnecting For the Sake of Better Connection

I recently experienced something I hadn’t experienced since before diving into social media (in about seven years’ time!) I stepped away from social media, emails, phone and texting for five days straight. In the past, the only breaks from social media I’ve had only lasted a day or two. That changed a few weeks ago, as I married my best friend and we embarked on our honeymoon out of state. It was one of the most refreshing vacations I’ve ever had.

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While away on honeymoon, we brought our iPhones but tried to minimize use as much as possible. We took photos and used Maps and Urbanspoon (very helpful for choosing restaurants in different cities!), but used virtually no social media or phone calls or texts or emails. I must admit I posted one tweet, scheduled several automatic updates for the blog, and looked at a few Instagram photos. Other than those brief uses, social media was off and away.

Create A Smaller World

I could make this like many other blogs, serving you a guilt-trip about your addiction to social media. We all know we need a balance when it comes to technology and reality. But really all I wanted to share is that I really enjoyed unplugging from the outside world and experiencing time with my new wife. It made our personal world smaller for a week, two adventurers exploring different cities and ocean shorelines together.


The world was still running when we got back home and logged into Facebook and Twitter again (with 300+ emails waiting!). We love our family and friends dearly, but the step away from everyone for a few days was really refreshing. During the drive home, we grew eager to reconnect with our friends and family with renewed appreciation.

After experiencing different variations of culture, food, new cities, and new sights, we were prepared to return home with fresh perspective and energy to face the work and new life before us. Our disconnection for a short time served to benefit our longer-term connectivity as we got back in routine.


How has disconnecting from social media, etc. given you fresh perspective on your relationships and life?


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