To Be Young and In Love

photo credit: shawesome

photo credit: shawesome

This week, I’ve been composing a bit about love and relationships for the book I’m writing. It’s rather humorous to recount personal experiences of love and failed relationships, because my perspective has changed so much. I’m willing to bet that yours has, too.

What Do You Think About Young Love?

I want to know what you think about love. Let’s focus on the romantic kind of love for now.

  • At what age can a person really be “in love”? Middle school? High school? Ever?
  • Does middle school love/crushes even count?
  • What does “in love” even mean? Or, how can you tell your relationship is built on love?
  • What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned about love?


Leave a comment below answering some of these questions.


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5 responses to “To Be Young and In Love

  1. im in middle school and im an eight grader i love my boyfriend already three months almost 4 months my mom though on the other hand says its all just pure bs and that in a matter of time we will break up but i dont believe so i think well actually last .. we already have a future planned although he dosent really talk about me moving in with him when were older and stuff like that but he tells me im his princess, he has not cheated on me ever i almost did but fortunatley stopped myself i have never actually loved anyone as much As him honestly i can not picture the rest of my life WITHOUT him but i can picture it WITH him.. i say there is no age to love.. love is something money cant buy love is a unique feeling he gives me butterflies he knows wat i like and wat i dont he also knows when im mad he basically knows everything about me..

  2. For me middle school not really because people are still to egocentric at that age. True “love” does not start until a person can think pass themselves, which depending on the person happens in high school. Being in love is over rated because it fadea away, it’s more about learnig to stay loving. I do think that being in love or loving a person will always teach us something because it is when we are acting most like our creator(assuming we have mostly selfless love for a person, as long as we are sinners their will be some selfishness). But I think the biggest thing that I have learned, is that it is dangerous. I wrote an emo post last week and kinda talked about some damage love has caused. Love is a tough thing because it is so hard to give but so easily to reject or deny. I still struggle with trust issues because a girl said she was lying when she said she loved me. God is the only one who knows “true love” because he is perfect, we waste too much time and cause aome much damage hoping another will have a perfect love foe us. Johny and june take a lifetime to happen. Not three weeks in high school when you can’t even pick her up for a date.

  3. I met my Laura right before my senior year (and her junior year) of high school.
    Now we’re married. I know they always say “results not typical”, but it can happen…

    I think its more about the emotional state of the people in question than it is about what the basic characteristics of love actually are and whether or not the individuals have crossed a magical “line” in life where they are suddenly capable of expressing real love. After all, most people experience “real” love in some form or another in the earliest stages of life from parents/family etc. However, it goes without saying that the dynamics change a wee bit when you apply the attractive opposite sex/potential mate variable…

  4. The only thing Taylor Swift ever had right was this… Its always love at fifteen.

    The awesome thing about love is that it grows. I know the love my parents have now for each other is far greater than it was when they married 30 something years ago.

    I also think sometimes when two people fall in love and it doesn’t work out, its easy to say it was never love. I mean it makes me feel better about life. If I never really loved, then I never really lost.

    And by all means, maybe its not always love. Maybe it is just a crush in middle school.

    My dad always says that I should marry someone I don’t want to live without. What my dad does not say is that I should marry someone I can’t live without. The truth is, with Christ’s love, I can live without the romantic love of any man.

    I fell in love when I was fifteen years old and for circumstances that seem to make total sense now, it made no sense then why it ended. I kept asking myself why should it end when it was so real? But it did and I moved on because I could live without him.

    And then when I was 21 I fell in love again. And you know, I don’t discredit my first love. I can tell you though that the love I have now is deeper, stronger, and more promising than the first. But that’s because love grows. And sometimes it grows so much that what was love at one time feels so small compared to something greater.

    And I happen to think that the way love grows is what we are going to feel when we are one day in Christ’s arms. It’s going to be greater, deeper, stronger than it ever was when I first fell in love with Jesus. But I won’t discredit when I first fell in love with Christ, I will just see how different it is, how much more beautiful it is when it is in the perfect situation, in HIS arms.

    I also think I have too many opinions on things, this however is just a thought not so much a concrete opinion… just a few thoughts. I’ll be waiting for that book of yours John, hoping the words aren’t too big for my vocabulary though 😀

  5. I think true love can exist at a young age, before you can even comprehend what it is- I feel like true love isn’t 100% comprehendable before high school just because of the maturity of your body and mind previous to high school is most often incapable of understanding such a deep level of emotion.
    I know that a relative of mine has dated his current girlfriend since 7th or 8th grade. Were they in love right away? Probably not, but over time they have grown to understand what they have.
    I could answer the other questions but I’d rather not leave a blog in your blog. It’s good to continue hearing from you John! Keep up the blogging and keep us Minnesotan’s in touch.

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