Fill The Blank Pages

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Writing a book is no easy task.

I’ve been working on it in earnest for over a year, but in some ways I’m only just beginning. Some weeks yield paragraphs and chapters’ worth of content, yet other weeks it’s a struggle to even sit down at the computer. I know I’ve got lots of work ahead of me, and I imagine the editing process will be even more grueling. At this point, however, I’m sitting at the three-quarters mark for my target total word count.

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I recently received a gift from my friend Brian. It’s a hand-lettered page in a custom, old wooden frame. Centered on the page in clean lines and various fonts is a quote:

“Look at the blank pages before you with courage. Now fill them with beauty.”

The quote comes from a book written by Blaine Hogan about the creative process, which inspired hand-lettering artist Sean McCabe. It’s pretty simple, yet profound and applicable to virtually any endeavor.

Filling Pages

We awake each morning to a new, blank page of life on which we can leave a mark. Some days are productive, with the sensation of accomplishing something and moving our life stories forward. Other days, it seems we’re just standing there, in existence but not doing anything to make each day significant.

I’m sick of wasting days. I want to fill the pages of my life with meaningful experiences, stories to tell others, ideas to invite people into.

Writing a book shouldn’t just be filling pages with mediocre words or repetitive ideas. My book should be one that tells stories no one else has told, and provide space for people to consider ideas through the lens of the truths I’ve stumbled upon. I want to fill the pages of my book with beautiful words that take people somewhere.

And here’s where you come in.

How You Can Help Me

I need you to check out my writings on this website and share them with other people. Go ahead, poke around the different topics I’ve written about and post links on your Facebook or Twitter pages.

Here’s where you can find me on social media:

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Finally, I’d like to invite you to join my email newsletter by clicking here. I promise I won’t send you anything other than occasional updates on my progress writing the book.

I’ll put details in the email newsletter that I won’t post here on the website — think of it as a personal message for the people who are really interested in following along and helping me out.


Thanks for following along on this new endeavor. See you around the web (don’t be afraid to say hi on social media!).



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