The START Experiment: Are You Doing Something Worth Doing?


Is it possible to communicate the idea of pursuing one’s dreams without sounding hopelessly cliché? I don’t know if there is, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for something we dream about, something buried that longs to be unearthed.

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It’s good to have ambitions. It drives us to move forward, learn, progress, and develop as people. The question isn’t if we have ambitions. The question is are we striving for something worth doing?

The START Experiment

An author I follow, Jon Acuff, initiated a social experiment. Jon’s about helping people do what they’re meant to do. This experiment was designed to encourage people to get to work on the ambitions they’ve always carried but never acted on. If you want to learn more about Jon Acuff and his book START, click here.

Jon offered the adventure to people via his blog emails for a limited time. When people from all across the nation volunteered to be part of the experiment, Jon divided them into groups of people based on geography and topics of ambitions (writing, weight loss, personal growth, etc.). [See what people are posting on Facebook and Twitter using hashtag #startexp.]

Overnight, those involved in the experiment connected via social media platforms, read each others’ blogs, encouraged each others’ efforts, and supported each others’ pursuit of fulfilling their ambitions. People were challenged to START their journey of making dreams into realities for 24 days, each day reporting progress.

As part of the START Experiment, I’m pushing forward in writing a book. It’s a memoir filled with stories from my life and the observations I made along the way. I hope the book contains ideas that resonate with people, as I explore the way changes in circumstances and relationships impact our growth as humans. You can learn more about my book here and read a chapter of it here.

Why Do What You Do?

I think we could all use a little START Experimenting in our own lives. We must think seriously about not just the things we want to accomplish, but what we can contribute to the world. We all benefit when we do something great and share it with other people.

As we consider what it is we should strive for, don’t stop at merely finding something to do. Let’s think for a while about why we want to accomplish that thing, and how it impacts people.

Seth Godin wrote about this. Here’s an except from Seth Godin’s blog:

Worth doing?

“One reason to do something is because you get paid to do it.

But it’s sad to think that this might be the only reason to do something.

Now that you’ve got a skillset and trust and leverage and a following and the tools to make something happen, are you going to invest your heart and soul into something that’s important or waste it selling something you’re not proud of?”

To put it another way, are you doing something that will leave a meaningful legacy? How will your accomplishments impact the world beyond yourself?

“The best use of one’s life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.”
– Oswald Sanders

Let’s get after making those dreams into realities. It’s time to start.


What ambition are you pursuing? What do you  need to simply start doing?



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