3 Ways Changes Will Force You to Be Honest About Yourself


We’ve all gone through seasons of life where we were tested, conflicts etched away at our attitude and sanity. Like turbulent waters eroding dirt and rocks down to a river gorge, the landscape of your life shifts.  Change seems to arrive at just the wrong moment, every time. When we’ve got things figured out, another shift comes. What’s the point of it all?

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The changes we experience often do three things.

Three Ways Life Changes Teach Us About Ourselves

  1. Changes reveal our character. When it hits the fan, we’re unprepared, we’re busy with something else, and we don’t think we can put up with another adaptation in the plans, the real version of ourselves is shown. We can’t put up the facade of “everything’s perfect” anymore. Can we remain positive, or does negativity cloud our attitudes?
  2. Changes clarify our values. If life throws curveballs and we find ourselves in a new situation we didn’t expect, we often go into survival mode and cling to what we think is most necessary. During a season of change, notice what you’re drawn to and where you still spend your time and efforts. That is what you value. Now, do the hard work of evaluating the true value of those things.
  3. Changes force us to grow. If our lives were comfortable and secure, we’d never deviate from our routines of predictability. When we face the unknown, we have to change along with everything else. Adapt. Survive. Thrive.

When you find yourself in the midst of life changes, take a moment to collect your thoughts. Move forward in confidence, knowing you’re growing through the change.


What changes in your life impacted your life the most? What have those changes taught you?


If you’re more interested in exploring ideas about how change impacts our lives, follow along as I write a memoir about my life story and how I’ve grown through the changes.

It’s going to be called, “The Variable Life.”

Read a sample chapter here.

One response to “3 Ways Changes Will Force You to Be Honest About Yourself

  1. I stumbled upon your blog while trying to get some inspiration for my next life goal: “Defining Angela.” I am currently on a personal journey to figure out how to have my best qualities on the front lines of life so that I have more effective interactions and meaningful relationships with others. They say that if you know what your values are and you live accordingly, life decisions are easier to make. I really enjoyed reading your post and am looking forward to reading more! I hope that maybe you could follow along my journey and feel free to drop words of wisdom and encouragement!

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