5 Reasons Why E-Readers Will Never Kill Books


The past few years have revolutionized the book publishing industry. Electronic readers like iPad, Nook, Kindle, and other tablets are drawing more people into the ease of purchasing and reading books without having to visit a brick-and-mortar store or carrying around a bulky volume. But just because it’s easier doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better.

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I think ink-and-paper books will always be around, no matter what benefits the Digital Revolution provides the book industry.

Here’s an excerpt from the article I wrote for Thought Catalog, entitled, “5 Reasons Why E-Readers Will Never Kill Books.” Check out their site — it’s a large online magazine site offering articles about almost anything. Their tagline is, “All thinking is relevant,” and they back it up — with topics from pop culture to sex to careers, with drastically different perspectives and writers.

5 Reasons Why E-Readers Will Never Kill Books
(Article via Thought Catalog)

It’s a sunny day. A gentle summer breeze rustles through the leaves hanging high and green on the tall trees. The pleasant sound of happy families drifts through the park. You’re sitting back against a tree, sipping iced coffee, enjoying the stillness, without a care in the world. In that shaded, restful state, you’re holding a book, one you’ve read a dozen times…

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Do you think traditional books are on their way out? Or do you think e-readers aren’t that big of a threat?


2 responses to “5 Reasons Why E-Readers Will Never Kill Books

  1. I hope these forms can coexist. I am a magazine reader and I see this trend with magazines. One of my favorites, PC MAG is no longer available in print form. So far I have resisted the E-version. I love my iPad, but I don’t want to read my mags on it.

    • I agree Steve — I think they’d best coexist, not completely crowd out each other. I just find the physical, traditional book in my hands preferable to the digital. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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