Theologian Louis C.K. on The Great Loneliness

This is a guest post by Nate Ray.
Nate is the Lead Pastor and Church Planter of Jacob’s Well, a church in Minneapolis near the University of Minnesota. Nate is also a sought after speaker for youth camps, retreats, and events.  Connect with Nate on the web: / / @nate_ray

[Disclaimer: Most profanity is bleeped, but some of the language in this video isn’t suitable for children.]

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The Great Loneliness. There’s a lot we can learn from the great theologian/comedian Louis C.K., but I want to zoom in on one thing.

With the advent of technology – smart phones, iPods, Walkmans (some people won’t know what these are), TV, you name it — we’ve been losing our ability to be present. I’m not sure we’ve given serious consideration to what this is costing each of us.

To be clear, I’m not anti-technology. It wasn’t until very recently that I’ve come to realize the dangerous effect technology can have on me. I saw this video last April and it’s eaten at me ever since. I’ve realized, [in the words of Propaganda], “Maybe me and my (electronic device) need to get a divorce.”

I recently preached a sermon on this very subject. Our ability to be present has been hi-jacked, taken right from under our noses. Currently, we don’t give ourselves the time to slow down and consider the fact we’re alive – we’re moving, living, thinking beings, inhabiting this blue planet 27 million miles from a flaming ball of gas called the sun! Holy cow! When we don’t slow down and consider these things, we forget how precious life is. We forget the gift life is. And we just move forward – forward forward forward – to our impending death – which we will all end up facing – without the time of day to consider the truly significant things.

I think Louis C.K. is right. We’re afraid of facing profound sadness, The Great Loneliness, because we fear what we’ll discover. But what if that discovery had the potential to lead us to life. Is that something we want to miss?


Do you have any “moments” where you remember learning something profound about yourself, or the world, or God, because you slowed down and didn’t run from The Great Loneliness?


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More on Nate Ray: “Nate studies to understand the Old and New Testaments from the context of the original hearers then has the ability to bring it to life and make it practical and applicable to students today.” – Dave MacNeil, P2 Missions Strategist
Connect with Nate on the web: / / @nateraymn

Read more about growing through profound moments, change, and relationships in my upcoming book.

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