Book Update: The First Draft Is Complete

book writing table

Some of you know I’m writing a book. It’s fun and exciting and ordinary and frustrating all at once, but I’ve made lots of progress. Here’s my most recent update to share:

The day has arrived. The first draft of my book is done.

One day, several weeks ago, I was adding more details to some of the book’s chapters. I was tying up loose ends and completing thoughts that were previously left hanging from previous days of writing. Then it happened: I realized I had finished writing the book. Each of the chapters had become a whole story, ready for someone to read. At least, I sense they’re ready for others to read.

I eagerly arranged note cards, with the titles of each chapter, around on the kitchen counter. I wanted to place the stories and observations of the book in an order that made the most sense and offered an overall story that flowed well. It felt like I was doing a craft project in elementary school, but one I actually cared about. My book was taking shape.

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Writing a book manuscript has long been an ambition of mine. What about you?

What ambition are you working toward?


Leave a comment below. Or find me online to say hello and tell me about the ambition you want to see fulfilled someday.

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One response to “Book Update: The First Draft Is Complete

  1. I am also writing a book and it has been the greatest adventure and the toughest endeavor of my life… and I’m absolutely loving it! Hope I can finish it this summer. Thanks for the inspiration John!

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