2013 In Review and New Year’s Ambitions


What are the biggest highlights of our year? Often, they’re the things that we didn’t just enjoy; they’re things that helped propel us forward.

If you sat down, wrote a brief list of the most memorable experiences and proudest achievements, you’d probably find a connection between the things you did and the things you want to do more of.

When we get small tastes of a more meaningful, exciting life, we’re drawn to take steps toward the kind of life that we’re meant to live. People with ambitions sense part of their lives are left unfulfilled unless they take initiative and do their work, engage in their relationships, or experience something. Maybe we can learn from those people and take small steps of ambition in our New Year.

Highlights Of My 2013

Here are a few highlights of my year that are helping to move me forward.

  1. I started growing a beard in earnest (it’s still a work in progress).
  2. A couple of creative leaders I look up to met me for coffee/food, listened to my story, and gave me advice for growing in my career.
  3. I bought a hatchet (axes are cool, obviously).
  4. I completed the first draft of the book I’ve been writing for two years.
  5. A few of my friendships became richer when I decided to be selective (spending more time and relational energy being a great friend to a few people rather than a mediocre friend to a lot of people).
  6. I survived (and loved) 2 wilderness backpacking trips.
  7. I faced my introverted fears and met several strangers in person after connecting on Instagram.
  8. I spent more time outdoors, hiking, traveling Oregon and the country than sitting on the couch.
  9. A few of my articles were published by online magazine websites (“3 Things To Stop Posting On Social Media,”5 Reasons Why E-readers Will Never Kill Books,” “An Evening At Britt With Tegan & Sara“).
  10. I drove 3,500 miles across the country, coast to coast.
  11. My dreams of being a writer turned into a career of writing.

I hope you can look back at your 2013 and see big experiences, relationships, and achievements that have made their mark on your life.

Here’s to the New Year.


What were your highlights of 2013? How did those things help move your life forward?



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