Why You Should Listen To Kye Kye’s Album “Fantasize”

Indie bands are all the rage, but rightly so — at least for a select few of them.

If you’re not careful, you could drown in the tears cried by unknown artists who failed to garner any attention (and after listening to their oft mopey, pathetically emo, awful music, you’d probably want to drown). However, there are diamonds in the sand; a rare sparkling opportunity propels good artists and quality music to the public eye.

Fighting the odds and breaking it into the mainstream has always been the dream of bands started in bedrooms and garages across America and the world. Not all independent bands deserve the spotlight, and not all artists who have the spotlight deserve it (insert obligatory Nickelback reference here).

The Best Band You’ve Never Heard

Enter Kye Kye.

No, you’ve probably never heard of them. And no, you won’t recognize any of their songs, unless you happened to catch it in the mix of some Starbucks stores’ overhead music or a couple commercials. But that shouldn’t stop you from listening to, buying, and promoting Kye Kye’s new album, “Fantasize.”

They’re a young band, hailing from Estonia and calling the US Pacific Northwest their new home. Their first album, “Young Love” released in 2011, gained some fans, and began to attract some much-deserved attention for the three siblings and brother-in-law. The new record features the single, “Honest Affection” and the follow-up, “Dreams (2am).”

It’s not the kind of album we deserve, but it’s the kind of record we need in a frayed, unstable music industry.

Why You Should Listen To Kye Kye’s Album “Fantasize”

Cut to the chase and stream the album here.

1. “Fantasize” is the perfect soundtrack for thinking.

Moody, minor progressions, dreamy female vocals (courtesy of frontwoman Olga Yagolnikov), and ambient orchestrations create the golden combination for walking the city on a cold winter night, or staring out the window, and reflecting on what your life has been and what it can become. We need these moments to consider the state of our existence, and music like “Fantasize” helps us get there.

2. Kye Kye models artistic integrity.

Indie bands often have more character than a popular artist knows what to do with. Instead of rushing through the recording and marketing phases, they took the time to give the album the focus it deserved. Even though it arrived several months after fans expected, it was well worth the wait – three years since their last LP, “Young Love.” Kye Kye cares about the quality of their art, not just its profitability.

3. It’s a throwback to the glamorous yearning of 80s pop with a twist.

Synth and drum loops are the name of the game, and Kye Kye wins. Never going overboard, they let the electronic waves build together with reverb-drenched guitar licks for a soothing, moody effect. Imagine an 80s alternative band playing futuristic, classy and tasteful symphonic interludes, but without the hair, attitude, and distortion.

4. New music expands our horizons.

Get out of your rut. Try something new. You might find a whole new way to feel, think, and appreciate art if you listen to something new and different from your usual fare. This record is a fresh mixture of electronic, orchestral, synth-rock, and ambient vibes.

5. We should support underrated artists.

Everyone loves an underdog story. But more than that, we love seeing things that we believe in succeed. If we love a band’s music, why not buy it and help fund the creation of what you enjoy?

Holler at Kye Kye, thank them for making great music, and buy their new album, “Fantasize.” Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.



What music do you recommend? What’s inspired you lately?


Check out Kye Kye’s version of “Noel” on a Modern Christmas playlist.


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