The Sin That Doesn’t Admit It Exists

image credit: Joe Dodd

My past isn’t the type of radical turnaround story everyone loves to hear. I wasn’t a drug dealer who mistreated women and cursed organized religion. I wasn’t a greedy, cheating businessman who transformed from criminal to church-going saint.

I was something much different, but equally as poisonous.

I was more worried about what people were doing wrong than the wrongs done to them.

I didn’t care what other people thought or felt if they were obviously flawed in their thoughts or actions.

God was on my side and wanted people to get their act together—so I thought.

But I was wrong.

I was a Christian who didn’t realize that pride was the disease corrupting my life and my soul.

Read the full article: “The Sin That Doesn’t Admit It Exists”


Is there something you didn’t realize about yourself until it was already affecting your life? Share in the comments below.



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