I Don’t Believe In “The One” and Neither Should You

image credit: Pablozja

“I think she’s the one!”

“He’s got to be my soul mate!”

Often, the myth of “the one” starts in princess stories where a first kiss or a glass slipper unites destined soul mates.

It’s the sentiment behind Jerry Maguire declaring to Dorothy Boyd, “You complete me.

“The one” is a sensational idea. It feels romantic and inspiring, and if we’re single, gives us hope that true love is possible if we just find the right person.

But it’s a lie.

Where The Myth of “The One” Came From

The concept of “the one” is historically rooted in ancient Greek philosopher Plato’s book, The Symposium. Greeks believed humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and two faces. The story goes that the Greek god, Zeus, split humans in half because he was afraid they would gain too much power and revolt against the gods. People fall in love, according to the myth, when they find their soul mate, the other half of their original person; hence, “the one.”

It’s popular to emphasize dating, destiny, and finding your soul mate, but what if it’s not true?

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Do you believe in “the one”? Why or why not? Answer in the comments below.



One response to “I Don’t Believe In “The One” and Neither Should You

  1. I never believed in the “the one” but I do believe, for me at least, that finding the right person is very difficult. While there could be others out there, I feel lucky to have found someone with whom I can grow.

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