Thanksgiving Is Overrated

It really is.

Thanksgiving is overrated unless we act on our thankfulness.

Of course, that requires us to be truly thankful in the first place.

It’s always easier to complain, to criticize, and to maintain a convenient distance from people and things we’re not always sure about—even though sometimes that’s our family, closest friends, and people who care about us most.

Being thankful requires proximity, being close enough to sense the heartbeat of someone. And to be thankful for that person means we have to allow ourselves the time to acknowledge it and say it or show it.

Thankfulness means nothing without the words and actions to back it up.

Expression is the difference between sentiments and real thankfulness.

This holiday stuff can get pretty repetitive and we can throw around words like “thankfulness” all day, but I just realized it during a crisp morning hike and thought it was worth sharing.

Make the most of this weekend. Even if you’re not near family, you can still communicate gratefulness.

Merry Thanksgiving, folks.


What one person or one thing are you particularly thankful for today? Leave a comment below.



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