On Disagreeing Graciously

You don’t have to agree on something to see value in another person.

Since when did disagreement require distancing yourself from those with whom you disagree?

Their perspective may not be consistent or intellectually honest. But is it really your job to play moral or intellectual police and inform them of the errors of their each of their ways?

How exhaustingly futile.

You can value being right or value the relationship.

You can choose to prove a point or you can make a difference. (tweet that)

You can exchange barbs of debate or you can exchange stories and listen to each other share something meaningful, beautiful, and true.

You don’t have to agree with someone’s story, but you must acknowledge it. Experiences are no less valid by disagreeing with their conclusions.

Entertain thoughts you normally wipe away as inferior or unacceptable. You might learn something.

You might even change your mind.

You might even be glad you did.


What’s the best advice you’ve heard on disagreeing with someone?


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