What Single People Don’t Want To Hear On Valentine’s Day

Okay, “taken” friends. The rest of us get it.

We can see by your Facebook page and your past 7 Instagram photos that you’re dating or married to “the best person in the world.” Your posts make us feel like we’ve missed on out the thrills of love (even if we already have our own significant others).

Yes, love is wonderful. Relationships are an adventure worth taking. But do we really have to join the hype about romance on a holiday about a dead saint which has been turned into Singleness Awareness Day?

A Valentine’s Day Playlist

Before we go any further, let’s acknowledge most all of us have been hurt by unrequited love at least one point in our lives. I’ve created a Spotify playlist just for us.

Here’s to the ones who spent many a Valentine’s Day alone, sulking, sorrowful, wallowing in misery. Here’s to those who want to get over their lost lovers, but not just yet. Here’s a mix of songs to keep your heartbroken depression going a few hours longer.

Start up the tunes and read on.

Single Folk:

You’re single. Some of us aren’t. That’s okay. Don’t idolize marriage and relationships just because you’re not in one right now. Neither of us should try to convince the other that our state is better. Not all people are jazzed to be in a relationship. Some in relationships wish they weren’t (that could be a whole other blog post). Let’s all try to be content where we’re at and be happy for the others.

Married Folk:

Let’s not flaunt it just because we’ve got it. Yes, marriage is great, but it’s not necessarily for everyone. Let’s find a way to enjoy our marriages while not becoming so publicly romantically engrossed that we repel the friends we had before we went down the path of romance (or neglect new friends we could grow with if we weren’t completely absorbed in our happy marriage worlds).

Some of these statements may be true, and they may not intend to harm, but they just shouldn’t be spoken to single people.

What Single People Don’t Want To Hear On Valentine’s Day

  1. “You won’t be single forever. Your time will come.”
  2. “My husband/wife is so romantic! Look what he/she did/gave me!”
  3. “I’m the most blessed man/woman in the world because my spouse is awesome!”
  4. “I love marriage! You should try it sometime.”
  5. “Are you spending Valentine’s Day with someone? / Who’s taking you out tonight?”
  6. “What did you get for Valentine’s Day? / Did anyone send you flowers and chocolates?”
  7. “Who are you dating now?”
  8. “What happened to you and [fill in the blank]?”
  9. “Have you thought about dating [fill in the blank]?”
  10. “Have you tried online dating? I hear that’s popular.”
  11. “Oh, you’re not doing anything for Valentine’s Day? That’s okay, it’s overrated…sorry, gotta run. I’m late for my date!”
  12. “Valentine’s Day doesn’t really matter. You can just buy chocolate and flowers for yourself.”
  13. “I’m hosting a Singleness Awareness Party. Wanna come?”

When you’re making conversation and refilling your beverages at a Valentine’s Day party this year, be mindful of who you’re talking to. Single people and dating or married people have a lot to learn from each other, so let’s play nice and treat each other decently, beginning with our words.

Don’t forget to check out the Spotify playlist I created for a heartbroken, sorrowful Valentine’s Day. Enjoy it and share with your friends!


Have another thing to add to the list of what single people don’t want to hear? Comment below.


2 responses to “What Single People Don’t Want To Hear On Valentine’s Day

  1. Great post. I particularly appreciate the inclusion of ‘your time will come’ and the reference to online dating as a major don’t. Nothing moves someone up on my “most annoying person” list than those two emotionally ignorant questions. Frankly, my issue with Valentine’s Day is not singleness vs. item-hood. The point of Valentine’s Day is love and the celebration of meaningful relationships in our lives, romantic and otherwise. Those two things should not necessarily need a day or time frame to be honored or acknowledged simply because it’s convenient for commercial gain. As always, your posts are thought provoking, thorough, and you have artfully used the skill of brevity. Well done 🙂

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