Either/Or is a Myth (Don’t be so dualistic)

It’s rather popular to pick one of two sides.

Left or right.

Conservative or liberal.

All or nothing.

Right or wrong.

For or against.

Black and blue or gold and white. (Sometimes the Internet is ridiculous, isn’t it?)

We’re really good at telling each other to organize into Camp 1 or Camp 2 because it neatly divides everyone and pits each side against each other. In theory, it may sound fine—but we live in real life.

In reality, what we think is black and white quickly becomes gray. And not just one…uh…shade…of gray.

I don’t know about you, but I find it’s difficult to land in Option 1 or Option 2 much of the time. One may be easier than the other, one may be a more popular choice than the other, or it simply may be a matter of laziness to keep the same two options because society has held a binary way of thinking for so long.

Whatever the case, I advocate for the third way.

Reject The Premise of Only Two Choices

We don’t need to play by the rules of binary. Binary works for computers, but not for people. Humans and our choices aren’t about one thing or its opposite.

Choosing the lesser of two evils is just an excuse for settling.

Reality is complex, so why would we expect our choices to be so limited?

Why settle for A or B when there’s a whole spectrum of letters to pick from? There’s far more beauty and freedom in the wide world of nuance, complexity, and more than two options.


What is one decision in which you choose a third way?


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