Book Update: It Must Take Flight

It happened all of a sudden.

After writing for a year and three months, plus another five or so months editing, I arrived at another landmark.

I finished editing the second draft of my book, The Variable Life.

It was pretty anticlimactic, to be honest. There was no fanfare or even a huge feeling of relief. On a quiet afternoon the other weekend, I hit save and stepped back from my standing desk to look out the window and take a deep breath.

For about a year in the middle of all the writing and editing, I took a break from the book. Transitioning to a new city, a new job, and a new normal took most of my attention, but I knew after that break the book needed serious work.

Thanks to a couple friends who proofread and offered great feedback, I was able to go back at the manuscript with fresh eyes and other people telling me I wasn’t crazy—at least not most of the time.

What I Want For You

As I reread a lot of things I wrote over the last couple years, I was happily surprised to still feel moved by memories connected to those stories I lived. The parts of my life that had profound impact on my values and interests, the people who stuck by me during times of great changes and conflicts, and the threads of joy woven throughout, like a tapestry God hangs up on the wall even if it’s a little crooked.

Someday, I hope you’ll read this book. And if you do, I hope you enjoy the stories and things that I have learned, but mostly I hope it gives you a sense of gratitude for the relationships you’ve had, the places that have astounded and frustrated you, the conflicts you endured but in which you gained character that’s valuable to you today. I hope you can sit back from the table and stare out the window, recalling how good God has been to you and the people you love.

Hunting For A Publisher

I am in totally uncharted territory now: searching for a publisher or deciding to publish myself. If you have any connections or knowledge to share, I’d be so grateful. If not, that’s OK too.

Taking Flight

No matter what method of publishing it gets, the book needs to get out. I’d love for it to be successful, whatever that looks like, but it is a project that must be set free to live in the wild, like a bird taking flight from a nest.

Maybe there’s something like that in your life, too. Something you know needs to be out in the world, but you’re waiting to say it or write it or create it for other people to see and enjoy. Maybe it’s a relationship you want to flourish, a goal for your family, or a personal hobby you want to turn into a profession. Perhaps like my book, it’s nearly time for your new thing to take flight.

If you’ve got something like that, leave a comment below and tell me. I’d love to know and I’d be grateful to hear how you’re doing.

Thank You

Thanks so much for reading and being interested in the book. I’m really eager to get it into your hands. In the meantime, follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, too. Invite someone you think might be interested in my book to sign up for email newsletter updates—send them here.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the book, one that encapsulates what’s running through my mind these days:

“Change is a constant and the way we embrace transitions makes all the difference.” (tweet that)




5 responses to “Book Update: It Must Take Flight

  1. I’m just starting on my second draft. Good to see someone else make it through to the other side. Stay strong and when the time comes, you’ll give it wings. Good luck!

      • EEEK! You can’t ask me that! 😉

        Kidding. That’s my way of saying, I don’t have my elevator pitch down yet. So bear with me.

        It’s about two friends with very different lives coming together to form a group that’s trying to course correct (i.e. do away with) some very sketchy government practices in place.

        That probably sounds like every YA novel in existence right now, but that’s as specific as I’m willing to get, at current.

        Thanks for asking!

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