When Humor Helps

Humor tells a lot about a person.

Some say the best way to determine someone’s idol is to see what they don’t make fun of. If they laugh at everything except their prized possession or trophy wife and kids or something else, they’re probably inclined to worshipping that. What they take seriously is a mark of who they are and what’s most important to them.

Of course, some people just don’t have a good sense of humor. I wish that weren’t true, that everybody understood lighthearted jokes made in the office or around the dinner table, but comedy isn’t always so welcome.

Maybe if we embraced a few more jokes about ourselves and the things we love, we’d take ourselves less seriously and enjoy life a little more. We could connect better with ourselves and other people.

Laugh At Your Challenges

Though the conflict we face is inevitable, our attitude toward it is adjustable.

Some of the most amazing people with the brightest smiles are those who’ve gone through significant challenges and pain, yet they’ve found reasons to laugh, sing, smile, and keep going.

Laughter is a tool that helps us overcome conflict.

To be able to laugh at ourselves helps us get admit our flaws and weaknesses without succumbing to them. It takes an emotionally and spiritually healthy person to take a joke about himself without letting it cut at his heart. It takes an emotionally intelligent and socially aware person to make jokes about others without cutting them down. Humor can be used to build up or to destroy; that power lies in each of us. You can still make jokes and make a difference. We each get to choose how we approach humor and how we use it.

Perhaps you’re facing an overwhelming task at work, or you know you need to have a difficult conversation with someone you love because you’ve messed up. And perhaps what you need to get through today isn’t just grit or taking everything seriously. Today you need a good sense of humor, to laugh at your challenges because they’re only temporary, to chuckle at your own imperfections and move forward anyway.

A good joke can defy the conflict you’re facing.


What’s one way you’ve learned to use humor to your advantage?


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