Book Update: Arranging the Still Frames of a Life

Time speeds up in the summer.

You feel the lethargy drain out of your bones, finally but slowly, as you escape to the sunshine in the backyard. The long days invite you to share themselves in the woods, around the table with friends, on the road to unfamiliar landscapes, on the trails in search of adventure.

And in summer we lose track of our Netflix queues (Bloodline, anyone?) and neglect a few emails because there’s too much else to do, but we are happy with it that way. We know that the great indoors wait for us patiently, holding no grudges, but retaining excitement for those encroaching autumn days. The scents of cinnamon and bonfire mingling with dying leaves, nature’s way of showing us that it’s okay to heave and groan when the temperature drops, and resist in futility as change becomes an unavoidable neighbor.

That’s what change does: it sneaks through the cracks then insists on setting up camp whether you’re ready or not. Few of us embrace change the way we ought, but the pace of learning is to accept it when it happens. (tweet that)

The seasons are turning, always in transition, yet we see a few still frames for a moment.

Snapshots of Life Lately

These are some of the still frames I’ve been working on lately:

  • I was thrilled to collaborate with a friend and write for a new medium. (Watch the video here.)
  • Because quotes are so awesome, I started a new publication called Quotes Collection (new quotes 2x/week)
  • A Lifehacker article, which was picked up in India, Australia, and the U.S., cited my writings about dealing with confrontation in a healthy way.
  • RELEVANT Magazine posted one of my articles about The Secret Enemy in Your Marriage and 5 ways to deal with it (and it was referenced on an online news outlet owned by a for-profit arm of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

What About the Book?

Ah, yes. The book.

The 3rd draft of my book is complete after more edits and changing around the order of the chapters to give it a clearer through line (think plot, the arch of the story).

I sat down (or stayed standing, actually) and read the whole thing, like I hope some of you will soon, to experience the stories and observations and the ways we can learn to make the most of all the choices and variables in our lives. It’s pretty cool to think of the manuscript as a book to simply read and enjoy.

After that, I touched up a bunch of nasty little grammar, punctuation, and phrases that sorely needed attention. And then I used the notecard method to hover over the big picture of the book—every chapter represented—and move them all around like a puzzle to find the right order of all the pieces.

Up Next?

I’m coming after you, professional editors. And if you’re a publishing house, I’ll be looking at you vs. self-publishing. Still weighing pros and cons on that one, but I’m eager to talk with some people in the industry and hand them a book proposal soon. Give a holler if that’s you or someone you know (and thanks to the connections a couple of you passed along last time I mentioned this!)


I’d love to hear how you’re doing and what one or two still frames you’re enjoying from this season of your life.


Still don’t know what all this is about? I’m working on a book and you can learn about it here.

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