Introducing Quotes Collection — The Best Things You’ve Never Heard

photo credit: irvanerizal

photo credit: irvanerizal

It is time for something new.

Not groundbreaking, original, or so different you don’t know what to expect.

Just something a little helpful, a little inspirational.

Word Power

I’ve got this thing for words.

I can’t really explain the sensation unless you’ve been there before. Perhaps you know what it’s like to love a good memoir or novel or just the right turn of phrase to help you see the world with more clarity. Or the way something is said helps you see more nuance or complexity, or the beauty that comes through admitting we don’t have it all together but we’re willing to learn along the way.

The power of language is one of the most potent we’ll experience. With the people around us, those we love, with the work that we do, bringing order and peace to the chaos of every day. That’s how words shape things and shape us.

Greater Things

“The greatest of things in life go beyond words.” – Matt Knisely

But sometimes, the words are exactly what we need to hear.

This is my way of sharing a few of the quotes I’ve found. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Welcome to Quotes Collection.

These are words to appreciate, contemplate, and live by, gathered and curated for your inspirational and intellectual pleasure.

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What’s one of your favorite quotes? Share yours with us in the comments below.



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