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The following is a guest post I wrote for The Rising Blog.

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Here’s my article:


“I leaned back in my couch, lowered the book, and stared out the window.

It’s what I do when something hits me, when a profound written line sinks into my mind and my heart and I need a moment to soak it in.

When a writer constructs just the right turn of phrase or concise metaphor, I reel with envy because I wish I had written something so impossibly simple and beautiful. When you sense in your bones that your inner life doesn’t match your outer life, but you want to get healthy and productive, a sentence jumps off the page because it resonates with exactly with the point you need to hear in that moment, in your fragile state.

Making Progress by Sitting Still

Books take us places we haven’t been, and often, they take us to places we need to go but are too afraid to venture ourselves. (share)

So the authors are our guides, the chapters our playbook, and each turn of the page is our hope that what we read will not just entertain, but stir something mysterious and beautiful in us. We want to learn, to grow, and to make the most of all the variables in our lives. Somewhere in the pages of the volumes we intend to read, there are theories and truths that might be just what we need to take the next step before us.”

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5 Books on Developing a Wholehearted Inner Life and Relationships


Are you reading a book that’s challenging you to live wholeheartedly? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment or find me on Twitter or Facebook.

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