Change Is Risky, and That’s Why You Need It

This is a guest post by my friend and top-notch human, Ricky Ortiz.

Ricky Ortiz is a native New Yorker who’s also lived in Florida, Washington State, and South Carolina. He has served as a pastor in several churches, ranging in size from 500 to 30,000 in weekly attendance. Ricky has also enjoyed opportunities to speak, teach, and preach across the United States and in places like Australia, Dominican Republic, and Canada. He’s married to Krista Ortiz (who’s a great writer you need to follow) and they have a spunky, young daughter, Gia.

Ricky is no stranger to change and navigating challenges. That’s why I’m glad to share what he wrote—it’s a core theme throughout my book, The Variable Life: Finding Clarity and Confidence in a World of Choices. I think you’ll learn a lot from Ricky’s perspective.

Here’s his post:

About That Change…


Who wants it? Who needs it, anyway?

Something costs $1.06 and you pay with two $1 bills, leaving you with $0.94 in change. Maybe you’ll keep the quarters, but not the dime, nickel, and pennies… Definitely not the pennies.

It would be easier if purchases came out evenly. We want things to be even. It’s simpler, more convenient, and makes life easier.

This is true not just with our cash, but also with our lives.

We want things to be even. We want things to go smoothly. We want them to come out and to happen exactly as we’ve planned. We desire stability and consistency; and to a degree, we avoid change at all costs.

Most people spend their entire lives avoiding, preventing, and even refusing change.

With any, and all, change there is uncertainty. A measure of the unknown. The question, “What if?” looms over our heads like a tyrant over his kingdom.

But what if the “What if?” was different? What if the change is exactly what you need? What if the circumstances necessitated change? What if it’s only through this change that you could experience something more life-giving than just stability?

To change is risky; to not change is deadly.

I’ve found this to be true in my own experience:

Life is far more about what changes than what stays the same.

So I’ve learned to embrace change. I’ve learned to allow things to “not be even.” I’ve learned to lean into the discomfort. I’ve learned to take risks. I’ve learned to step into change.

Not because I love the process of change, but because I love what change has to offer.

Think of the most important moments of your life. None of them would have happened unless you made a choice and something changed.

And you know what else I’ve learned? I’ve learned…

I cannot expect the world to change, or be changed, if I myself am unwilling to go through change.

And so off I go, stepping into another season of change. Journeying through the discomfort and uncertainty, in hopes of all the potential “What ifs?”.

But what about you? What changes have you avoided? What change do you need to make? What if one change could change everything else? Think about it.

…And next time, keep the change.

Originally posted on Ricky Ortiz’s website, where you can follow his journey and get inspired for your own. You can also help them on their move to NYC by giving to this fundraiser.

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