Today is the Day: The Variable Life Pre-Orders Now Available


Just a short note to let you know—because you’re a top-notch person who reads this blog—

The Variable Life‘s Kickstarter campaign begins today at 10am ET!


Kickstarter? What’s that have to do with the book?

Great question.

The past few days were a whirlwind of working with a great filmmaker friend of mine and getting the Kickstarter video all set to post.

I’ll share more with you over the coming 23 days, answering any and all of your questions as best I can, but here’s the bottom line:

The Kickstarter campaign is the way we’re going to simultaneously crowd-fund the publishing, editing, design, and getting the book out, AND it’s your chance to pre-order the book (with extra limited-edition rewards you won’t see anywhere else).

The task: raise $8,500 in pledges over 23 days.

Yes, it’s huge—but I believe we can do it together.

So at 10am ET today, you can find the campaign live here on my Kickstarter profile.

Stay curious and courageous.

I’m so glad we’re in this together,


P.S. There will be some rewards you’ll be able to download immediately 🙂


Have a question? Leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer. See you on Kickstarter!

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