My First Radio Interview (kind of): The Variable Life on The Breakfast Club

My grand return to radio, but with a twist.


photo credit: the illustrious Evan and Lisa Oliver

It’s been a few years since I’ve been on the radio.

I used to screen calls, book guests, and run the control board for college radio and for nationally-syndicated shows after that, and it’s still a little unnerving to go on-air.

But when a friend contacted me about a potential radio interview, I couldn’t say no—not when we’re on such a fun, unpredictable adventure of turning The Variable Life into a real, live book and helping people build a better life with its stories.

Famous writer Paulo Coelho said, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

I don’t know how that works or if that’s a God thing or what the deal is, but I know this:

There’s something powerful about showing up and saying yes.

I wrote about that in the book, and how learning to say yes can take you further on the path to the person you’re meant to become. It changes you and it changes your circumstances a little, and it offers you a doorway to something else you didn’t know what possible.

Now that sounds like an adventure worth taking.

Listen to the interview here with Matt and Carolyn on Y99.3’s The Breakfast Club:

Update on The Variable Life’s Kickstarter Campaign

This morning, we passed the $2,000 mark! We’re at 24% with 17 days to go. If you’re waiting to pre-order, this is your chance. Get your copy of the book, plus extra rewards. (You’ll get immediate downloads of the first 5 chapters of the book and an album of one of my former bands, which I wrote about in the book.)

Thank you to every person who’s pledged to the campaign! You’re making this idea become a reality, and I’m glad to be with you on this adventure.

There’s lots happening this week, so I’ll share more soon. So fun.

Carry on,


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