21 Free, Downloadable Images from The Variable Life—and how you can get free excerpts instantly


Hey friends,

We reached our total goal for publishing The Variable Life!

With just hours to go, we got down to crunch time. Honestly, it’s been a nerve-racking ride full of questions, reconsidering strategies, and finding out the best ways to connect with people who will enjoy the book. And we did it!

[Check out the results here.]

Have you ever had the experience like this? Something you’re passionate about and you can’t wait to share with others—and the people you thought would be supportive and encouraging are actually not even interested? And the people you never considered would be part of it were the ones who came through for you, said something meaningful to you and backed it up with support?

That’s a crazy thing to experience, but if you’ve been through it, you know it shakes up your perspective—and it makes you curious about the possibilities you haven’t considered before.

Let’s making meaningful connections with others on the journey.

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21 Free, Downloadable Images from The Variable Life

Check out these one-liners and snippets from the book. You can download them, share them on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, print them out to put on your desk or wall, or do whatever you want with them. (Tag me when you post one, and I might retweet/share it.) Consider it a “thanks” for being part of the book’s street team. If you’re feeling generous, share the link with others, too.


1. Love is always a choice; that’s what makes it so powerful.


2. Relationships are messy and risky because people are messy and complex.


3. It would be a lot easier to follow God if he didn’t insist on such difficult things.


4. It’s a powerful thing to have a shoulder to cry on and a heart to confide in—the unparalleled expression of God’s presence through others.


5. Rich friendships can’t be grown quickly, especially not for introverts. Roots need time to get beyond the shallow layers.


6. It’s hard to stay apathetic when you’re around someone inspiring. Choose quality people to hang around.


7. Good friends draw you out of your comfortable, routine self to enter into greater possibility for who you might become.


8. God accepts us as we are, failures and all, then helps us change to get past the mistakes that hold us down.


9. Marriage is a front row seat to see the redemptive work God is doing in your partner.


10. Every day, we grapple with the decision to give up or press on. Quitting is always an option, but it is never the only one.


11. Conflict reveals your true identity and refines it. You shed what you don’t need, and you get focused on the bare essentials of who you are and what you must do.


12. The more variables you embrace, the greater beauty you’ll discover.


13. Adventures don’t start until you’re off the beaten path.


14. Genuine friends don’t just talk; they play an active role in each other’s stories. Friendship of the heart is not easily surrendered.


15. Faith is less about arriving at a conclusion and more about growing into a new way of living.


16. Think of the most important moments in your life. None of them would have happened unless you made a choice and something changed.


17. Finding the truth about ourselves and the world requires risk, a willingness to challenge our assumptions and admit we need to change.


18. Love is always a risk.


19. We’re not meant to drift through life alone, but live our stories anchored in relationships.

The Variable Life conflict opportunity clarity

20. Conflict is an opportunity to gain clarity. Don’t run from it; learn from it.


21. This variable life requires your curiosity and your courage.

Download all of them in one folder right here.

Which is your favorite?

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