Very Special Thanks to These Kickstarter Supporters who pre-ordered The Variable Life

The names of the fine folks who made this a successful Kickstarter campaign.


Over this past week, the bulk shipment of 200 books underwent the process of transformation into individual packages sent out around the country (and even a few countries around the world).

I thought I’d take a break from listening to the Hamilton soundtrack and checking spreadsheets and signing books to say something:

To every supporter on Kickstarter, thank you a thousand times over. You believed in this book enough to get it off the ground.

Because of people like you chipping in, we reached the fundraising goal—but more importantly, this book can reach more people and help them navigate their lives full of change, conflict, and relationships. You’re helping them find clarity and confidence on their journey, and I’m grateful to be a part of this with you.

A Very Special Thanks to These Kickstarter Supporters who pre-ordered The Variable Life

Diamond Level Supporters

Seth and Shea Ray
Jim and Jill Weirick
In honor of John and Harriette Weirick

Platinum Level Supporters

Susy and Jon Ramthun
Brian and Danielle Kalwat

Gold Level Supporters

Roberta Hodgen
David and Karli Stevens
Brenda and Alex de Hoyos
Nate and Robyn Ray
Jason and Christine Agee
Tim and Mandee Prince
Chris and Missy Masterjohn
Edolyne and Stephanie Long
Tobias Maier, Sabine and Joerg Maier
Garth West
Mark and Laura Stanislawski
Steve Weirick
Ricky and Krista Ortiz
Bradley Miller
Dan and Kelsey McLaughlins
Matt and Carrie Ystad
Sang You

Silver Level Supporters

Christian, Justine, and Ezra Schaefer
Judy Hughes
Bob Smith
Bruce Stevens
Tyler Krumholz
Joel Morgan
Brennan Ullom
Ricky Nelson
Kim Bolton
Stephen Ramthun
Jacqui Griggs
Leo Endel
Matt and Diana Sanders

Bronze Level Supporters

Rachel Dawson
Darious Smith
Robert “The Bob-O” Curry
Rich and Laurie Hefty
Kyle Vines
Josh Downey
Jenna Olson
Bradley and Lu Anne Gafford
Tanner Olson
Allison Rickard
Kevin Caldwell
James and Holly Baxley
Tim McLaughlin
Jesse and Jessica Bittmann
Tim and Rachel Nafziger
Ryan Weirick
Allen Cothran
Bob and Marilyn Kalwat
Nick and Katie Ristow
Christopher Molenaar
Josh Williams
Andrew and Ariel Schibilla
Branden Harvey
Sean Sullivan
Eric Philbert
Lauren Carawan
Michael Gay
Marc McComas
Emily Becker
Andrew Gafford
John O(+> Pinkerton
Brian and Kristie Jones
Matthew Bradford
Dylan and Bridget Gregory


Kickstarter Supporters

Spencer Thorpe
Bob Ray
Sam Claridge
Rachel Lutz
Tucker Ficklin
Jon Horton
David Kirk West
Emily B.
Nicole Stanislawski
Kellye Fabian
Russ Bunce
Bridget B.
Blake Schultz
Nate Kupish
DeAnna McEntire
Ron Swanson
Cathy Miller
Jon Quigg
Jennifer Feagles
Jonathan Leitzke
TK and Angela Spencer
Alan Teel
Laura, Tyler, and Noah Lecy
Jason Farr
Michael Calvert
Wendy Fenn
Bryan Holyfield
Connie Brown
Elizabeth McCormick
Zak Nave
Ashleigh Kalwat
Dan Stewart
Julie K. Alejado (David)
Micah Sanders
Carson Bielby
Jono Gay
Andrew Delianides
Allen and Sara Baker
Jared Foy
Sara Schafer
Kevin Geiser
MarcieSpencer Anderson
Thomas Leemon
Ben Crain
Patrick and Shelby Ray
Chris Merritt
Zechariah Putney
Brian Cason
Samuel Martin
Hannah Nelson
Aaron Chang
Jeanette and Amara Watts
Benjamin Thomas
Rachel Endel
Adam Boyd
Ryan Yow
Thomas Kvamme
Mark T. Oelze
Travis Lynes
Dalton and Norman Blankenship
Brett Adcock
Daniel Stancil
Davis Family
Josh Aaron Harris
Matt Brammer

If you see one of these people, shake and hand and say thanks for making a creative project come alive.

Here’s to you, friends. Check your mailboxes and front porches soon.


Want to find clarity and confidence in your world of choices?

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