A free gift for you 🎧 for book release week

Music changed everything for me.

  • It helped me through breakups and gave me a way to express my inner frustration or joy.
  • It let me feel emotions I was hesitant to admit.
  • It inspired me to play in a band (even though we were really crappy).
  • It allowed me to travel more and step outside my comfort zone, because I was an introvert who loved music enough to play it in front of people.

Without music, I would’t have had the connections and possibilities that ultimately helped me move across the country, make new friends, marry a woman, and be where I am today.

In short, music changed my life—and I bet it’s important to you, too.

As a little “thank you” for following along, I wanted to give you this:


Click the image to download The Variable Life Soundtrack for free

Hope you enjoy a brand new thevariablelife.com while you’re there. 🙂

The soundtrack is a companion for my book, which releases Tuesday, March 7th.

I’ve already gotten feedback on it, too. This is what my friend said:

“The playlist of hand picked songs by John beautifully accompanied the emotion of his book and helps you float from page to page as he takes you on his journey. It also perfectly covers up the noise of the newlyweds having sex in the room above.”

OK, that last part was kind of unexpected, but whatever works, right?

Here’s the tracklist if you’re curious:


Learn more about the songs, follow the artists, and learn why they’re well suited to complement the themes in The Variable Life: Finding Clarity and Confidence in a World of Choices.

Download the free soundtrack here. Check my Facebook page for contests and giveaways during book release week!


What About You?

Has music or one song in particular changed your life in some way? Share a comment below.


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