John Weirick is a writer, adventurer, and aspiring author.

Whether in booming metropolis centers or expansive, rugged mountains, he senses the constant pull for exploration. He is a curator of different ideas and perspectives, which is why he created Quotes Collection on Medium. He loves the power of storytelling and film, which is why he’s excited to work on screenplays. He believes firmly in challenging the status quo and the power of connections. He’s learning leadership and traveling to see with new eyes, especially using Instagram to document his love for adventure.

A Midwestern boy hailing from the great state of Minnesota, John came alive through writing and adventure when he moved to Oregon. He found fresh perspective in the endless evergreen forests, in the shadows of the Cascade Mountains. When new opportunity arose, he and his wife packed up and moved across the country to make a home in Greenville, South Carolina.

Most of all, John believes we each grow best through change, conflict, and relationships, which is the subject of the book he’s writing. Learn more about the book here.

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photo credit: Evan Oliver (theolivers.co)

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