About John Weirick

John Weirick is a writer on faith, culture, relationships, and personal growth. He’s the author of The Variable Life: Finding Clarity and Confidence in a World of Choices (2017), a book of stories about growing through change, conflict, and relationships.

An introvert transplant from Minnesota and Oregon, he now lives in Greenville, South Carolina, where he’s still learning euphemisms like “that dog don’t hunt” and “bless your heart.” John’s writings are featured on The Huffington Post, RELEVANT Magazine, and dozens of websites with millions of visitors. Join the small but engaged community on his email newsletter. Find his blog and freelance writing/editing services on johnweirick.com. Follow John on social media for daily thoughts and inspiration:

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What Readers Say

“John has a talent for weaving truths and new ideas seamlessly through his storytelling. He asks thought-provoking questions that help me see the world from a different perspective.”
— Stephanie Long

“John is one of the most thoughtful people I know.”
— Allen Cothran

“A challenging and entertaining writer, I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
— Brennan Ullom

“I have known John for many years…I am often challenged by his writings and have seen firsthand the ways he has lived out what he writes about.”
— Marilyn Kalwat

“John Weirick’s writing is like a camping trip shared with good friends. It always leads to refreshment and a better understanding.”
— Diana Sanders

“John Weirick loves people and loves helping people embrace life. His thoughts on personalities and how they interact together are refreshing and incredibly helpful!”
— Josh Williams

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