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In today’s digitally saturated, fast-paced world, hitting “Send” or “Post” doesn’t always work. Every detail of your message matters:

  • writing and content strategy
  • editing and proofreading
  • social media strategy

Your message deserves the best words.

I can help.

Need a video script, blog post, website copy, or email newsletters written?

Want to write a book or a film, but need help crafting the story and outline?

Have some ideas down, but need a keen editing or proofreading eye to take it the rest of the way?

Tell me about your project and get a quote.

What I Can Do For You

  • content writing (digital or print)
  • copywriting
  • editing
  • proofreading
  • creative writing (nonfiction or fiction)
  • ghostwriting
  • narrative film screenwriting
  • video scripts
  • email marketing campaigns
  • story development (nonfiction or fiction)
  • social media captions


“I have found John to be a thoughtful and irenic author and thinker. He abstains from conventional ‘hot takes’ and poses thoughts and questions that has caused me to think and mull and mull and think long after I read his tweet or blog post.”
— Joel Morgan

“I’ve learned more about myself through John’s questions about the world and his environment, his research, and his insight. He doesn’t shy away from painful or difficult topics. In fact, he often seems to stare them down until they surrender their best secrets in the simplest forms.”
— Jacqui Griggs

“John is one of my favorite writers to keep up with. His voice is a consistent presence of hope, compassion, and purposefulness. His writing often challenges me and helps me reflect on how to live a better life.”
— Blake Schultz

“It is obvious when you read John’s work that he is for you. He’s not afraid to go to the hard places as he processes life with his readers. He takes you on the same journey he is experiencing.”
— Missy Masterjohn


We can make something great together.

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