The Variable Life Reviews


Upwrite Magazine:

The Variable Life is a vulnerable, authentic deep-dive into complicated questions of spirituality and adulthood. Weirick is a writer with clarity and poise beyond his years, and The Variable Life is an inspiring testament to his search for meaning, belonging, and understanding that will resonate with a generation of frustrated Millennials looking to reset their expectations for what a life well-lived can be.”

Interview with The Explorer’s Club Podcast:

Listen to John’s conversation with podcast host Ben Coleman about growing as a person and as a writer, what it’s like to carry around an artistic idea for years, how to make the best choices, and what The Variable Life actually means.

Stephanie Long, Redeemed For More:

“Reading The Variable Life honestly felt like connecting with [the author] around a table full of delicious food. I live in the paradox of being an introvert who also understands my need for genuine connection in relationship with others. Reading this book helped me see how I can grow healthy relationships without losing myself in the process. I can connect with people without giving up my need to recharge and reflect in solitude.”

Rachel Dawson, The Rising Blog:

“This book is really, really good…I don’t say that about every book I read, either. I chatted with John Weirick about this book and what it was like to write it.” [Read my interview with Rachel about facing challenges, change, and the key variables in life—and why they’re so important.]

Interview with Y99.3’s The Breakfast Club:

Listen to John’s radio interview with Matt and Carolyn about embracing change, dealing with too many choices, and moving across the country.

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