The Variable Life

The Variable Life: Finding Clarity and Confidence in a World of Choices — a book about surviving changes and challenges, without losing sight of God or yourself.

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About The Variable Life

On the brink of adulthood, one choice can change everything.

Who will my friends be? Which college or career will I pursue? What does God want for me? Where will I find the answers?

These are the questions we ask ourselves in the midst of our biggest transitions. This is a book about wrestling through those questions.

With relatable stories and thought­-provoking insights, John Weirick brings readers on his journey from avoiding change and challenges as a shy introvert to rethinking his faith, ambitions, and relationships to become a confident adult.

The Variable Life is a collection of stories and observations about life to help you:

  • Gain clarity about who you are and what to do
  • Understand God’s role in your life and in the world
  • Learn how to navigate conflict and survive difficult transitions
  • Develop healthy relationships
  • See why the choices you make today will influence the rest of your life
  • Live with confidence instead of being driven by fear

The Variable Life is for people who want to find their way through the maze of variables, choices, and complexities of modern life, without losing sight of God or themselves.

Your life is the story of the choices you make. What story is your life telling?


Praise for The Variable Life

Mixing memoir with spiritual insights, The Variable Life challenges readers to know their own stories, reexamine the turning points in their lives, and see what God has been teaching them through all the victories and the hardships. John Weirick encourages readers to ask big questions, take risks, and move forward with confidence. If you feel stuck, scared, or insecure, this book is for you.

– Dargan Thompson, writer, editor, and former editor at RELEVANT Magazine

When I read The Variable Life, I kept thinking to myself, “Thank you, God, for someone who takes the time to think through and write about the stuff of life I should probably process.” Few people live with more intentionality and take such radical inventory of their life as John. Because, to quote John: “To face the last moments of this existence with only regrets seems the most terrible realization of a lifetime, because it’s the culmination of a life that was less than it could have been.” John’s fear is my fear. It’s your fear. It’s the fear of us all. And The Variable Life is a gift for us all: we’ll find ourselves laughing while we, too, reminisce over childhood memories. We’ll find ourselves stirred as we, too, remember those big moments in life when we asked, “God, you got me here?” And we’ll find ourselves moved from our comfy couches and into the lives of the people around us.

– Nate Ray, pastor and speaker

John Weirick looks at life through the lens of an introvert who’s determined to leave the comfortable and embrace everything life has to offer. In his words, “It’s like God hands us the reigns, smiles and says, ‘Now it’s your turn. Give it a shot.’” Refreshingly honest and inspiring, a must read for Millennials!

– Beth Marshall, author of Grief Survivor: 28 Steps Toward Hope and Healing

Few people embrace life’s changes and challenges like John Weirick, which makes him the ideal person suited to write a book like The Variable Life. Everyone wants the benefit of change, but few people engage the process of change; John is one of those few people. The beauty of this project, though, is that it’s not some sort of self-righteous or self-promoting work, but rather an invitation to search the variables in your own life and to navigate the experiences that have shaped your story thus far and those which will shape the parts of your story yet to be experienced. You’ll be encouraged, challenged, inspired, and best of all, supported by someone who’s walking the journey with you.

– Ricky and Krista Ortiz, pastor and speaker, writer

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